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Dr. Salman Alhajri is an international artist, graphic designer and researcher in the field of visual arts. Academically he is an assistant professor of Graphic Design, at the Department of Art Education at Sultan Qaboos University, Oman. In 2005 Alhajri graduated from the University of Technology, Sydney with MsDesign. In 2013 he graduated with a PhD from School of The Arts of Loughborough University, UK. In 2014, he won a bronze award of design in the world's largest design competition in Italy “A' Design Award & Competition”. Alhajri participated in many local and international exhibitions and conferences. He took a part in presenting lectures in arts and design conferences in Chicago, London, Glasgow, Kobe (Japan), Croatia, Rome, Kuwait, Bahrain, Amman and many others. Nationally, Alhajri is a member in the Omani Society of Fine Arts and the Youth Studio as well as a member in many technical, scientific and academic Internationale institutions. He presented his own artistic style, experiences, philosophy with a contemporary vision that is distinguished by its simplicity, color harmony, composition and the influential ability. His work is distinguished also by the diversity of the arts practices including abstract, expressive, digital art, and Arabic calligraphy. His designs and artworks represent Omani culture, people and heritage in several of forms. His artworks collected by several governmental and privet  institutions, and individuals including, Muscat International Airport, Qasr Al Alam, The Sultan Qaboos Cultural Center, at Sultan Qaboos University, The Sultan Qaboos Mosque in Sohar, Dhofar Municipality Salalah, and Prince Charles, and many more.

25 December 2019

Won the 1st award in the 27th annual exhibition of fine arts, Omani Society of Fine Arts, Muscat, Ministry of Arts Affairs, Oman.​


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Dr. Salman Alhajri

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